NadaWallet Testimonials

My NadaWallet is awesome. It holds everything while taking up a minimum of pocket space. Cards are easy to access. I don’t think I could go back to a conventional wallet.Greg Stoutenburgh | Male
I really love this product! It’s very convenient to use and is very low profile in my pocket, which I really like!Ray C. | Male
Thank you NadaWallet for making me not have to use a wallet anymore! With this its easy to keep credit cards and money and not to have those big wallets in my pocket making my life easier. I have several colors and I recommend it to everyone!Hector De La Torre | Male
I love my nadawallet! It keeps everything together and it’s so easy to find in my messy bag. I love the color options and that I can even match with my phone!Natalie | Female
At first I used my NadaWallet just for travel but now I can’t leave home without it! Just stick your cash and credit card in the middle and don’t worry about pick pockets!Barry Wolvin | Male
I Love the NadaWallet so does my boyfriend. In fact he took it from me and now I’m in need of another one… So I’m purchasing my second one today and can’t wait!! These NadaWallets make life so much easier!! I’m so excited.Tatum | Female
I am so glad I have my Nada Wallet – I am using a cane now due to an injury and I do not carry a purse. I carry my Nada Wallet only and my cards and money fit so neatly and so slim I am able to carry in my front pocket which I love. It’s very convenient and looks pretty cool too!Evelyn | Female
I use NadaWallet on all my adventure travels around the globe. It fits so perfectly in hiking pockets and ski clothing. I wouldn’t be without it!Kristina Hurrell, SpaFari - The Adventure Spa | Female
It’s like a smartphone case for your money!Julie | Female
NadaWallets are the fun alternative to a fat, bulging wallet. If you’ve used a Naked Wallet before, you’ll love the NadaWallet’s extra stretch (my favorite part) and durability. If you’re trimming down for the first time, you’ll wonder why you waited so long! Ryan De La Cruz | Male
The NadaWallet is one of the coolest things. I hate the back pocket bulge that comes with traditional wallets, and the NadaWallet keeps things thin and light. I tuck my cash, ID, and a few credit cards in there and I’m good to go. The grip is great and I never worry about things sliding out. Wish I’d thought of this!!Keith Pelan | Male
Innovative product! Great job. Simple yet cool…Asia Hankins | Female
The Nadawallet is so simple to use. My purse is less bulky and I love how it holds my cards and cash. It has a sleek and soft feel. When I pay cash it’s easy to slide off and when I use a card it is so quick and simple. It also fits perfectly in my smaller purse. My purse is less heavy without a big bulky wallet! I feel so organized! I’ll never use a bulky wallet again!Cynthia | Female
Thank you to the makers of the NadaWallet, I use it every day and have fully replaced my regular wallet with it. This is a brilliant little tool that I know will last me for a while. I just love how convenient and easy it is to use when I am on the go.Ravi Lloyd | Male
The NadaWallet just makes sense. I’ve never used anything easier or more simple! It holds everything together very securely, and fits all of my cash and cards. It’s slim enough to fit in my smallest clutch bag. I now realize the value of simplicity.Kelsey Laroche | Female
I love this product. It fits all my cash and cards with easy access and compact convenience. Also love the cool colors. Get yours quick!Chris Karns | Male
Simple and brilliant, the NadaWallet keeps all my cards and cash organized in one place. It’s light and simple to use, I take the NadaWallet everywhere I go without the bulk and clutter of a wallet. The clean design and pop of color makes it modern and fun!Hughes Hoang | Male
Just wanted to tell you that I switched to my NadaWallet. It works really well and is a lot more snug than the Naked Wallet design. The money and credit cards are tightly secured. Can’t wait to see what other designs/colors you come up with. Best wishes!Dexter | Male

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